February 4-7, 2018, Copper Mountain, CO

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Copper Mountain is located in Summit County, about 75 miles west of Denver on Interstate 70, and 8 miles west of Frisco. It has 2,465 acres of in-bound terrain. Copper hosted the World Cup in 1976 and still hosts Nastar. In 2009 Woodward Camp opened a 20,000 square foot indoor ski and snowboard facility. In 2011 Copper became an official US Ski Team downhill training venue.

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Thebase of Copper Mountain is approximately 10,000 feet above sea level, the summit is 12,313 feet. Visitors from sea level may experience minor side effects due to the altitude. When you first arrive, acclimatize yourself for a period of time prior to beginning strenuous activities. At high elevations, the atmosphere is thinner and there is less oxygen and less humidity available to you than at sea level. This can result in a number of symptoms such as muscle fatigue, insomnia, mild headaches or slight shortness of breath. READ MORE: